Priority Axis: 1. Innovation and Competitiveness

Specific Objective: 1.2 Supporting the incubation of innovative specialized micro and small enterprises in thematic sectors of interest to the Programme Area

The economic crisis in Greece has created a flow towards agriculture. Rural areas offer a hostile economic environment that drives both locals and immigrants to search for employment solutions, seeking work in the province and offeri their labour for cultivating and farming activities. Now that Italy also faces the same economic challenges there is a common ground for establishing Social Agricultural Business (cooperatives).

The project implementation includes the creation of Social Agricultural Enterprises “Farmworkers Cooperatives”, that will provide their services to organized traditional and organic agricultural units, both for greenhouses’ companies, and for individual growers and farmers, operating either in contractual or in free agriculture conditions. Additionally they can provide complementary services such as gardening and park maintenance.

In the framework of the project, a Greek-Italian Agricultural Science Centre will be established, which will deal with the promotion of Research and Development, Training, Innovation and Networking with scientific bodies of the border regions and the operation of a Green Point in fields related to the social agricultural businesses.

The project aims at:

  • Creating new jobs,
  • Providing ongoing educational opportunities for people who already work at the agriculture and farming sector, but also for people who are now entering this field,
  • Promoting and educating on new agricultural methods (safer, environmental friendly),
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, clusters and collaborations
  • Creating a cross border network of information, knowledge and experience exchange, facilitating the distribution of Agricultural and Farming Products
  • Providing a safe and legally protected working environment.
  • Promote environmental protection by encouraging an integrated alternative environmental management of hazardous waste (GREEN POINT),

The project’s approach in addressing the organizational absence in the fields of agriculture and farming is an integrated intervention that will in depth change the way farmers in the areas on intervention see their land and their agricultural and farming activities. Nowadays pieces of land and cattle are viewed as nothing more than property. Through this project implementation a more business oriented mentality will be cultivated.