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Agrifood: Challenges and Prospects

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The Agrifood sector have leading role in the development of the Greek economy. Cooperation, innovation and education are now the triple bet in order for the agrifood sector to meet the challenges of the markets.

The prospects that are opening up for Greek producers and national income were discussed extensively in the informative meeting on ”Agrifood – challenges and prospects”, organized today, April 10, 2019 in Thessaloniki, by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Piraeus Bank, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki – TCCI, Federation of Industries of Greece – SBE and Exporters Association – SEVE.

«At a period of great changes and transition from traditional to smart farming and animal husbandry, the Aristotle University continues to support every effort to advantage and apply scientific knowledge, enhacing the national wealth and income of producers» stressed the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mr. Pericles Mitkas.

«The global demand for Agri-food products is monitoring demographic developments, while production already incorporates technologies that promote sustainability at various levels and adapts in a creative way to the changing social conditions and preferences of consumers» noted the first΄ Vice-President of TCCI, Mr. Manolis Vlachogiannis.

«The measurement and reduction of the environmental footprint, in combination with the introduction of energy saving technologies, are the two main challenges that businesses in the agrifood sector must face in the coming years”, said among others the President of SBE, Mr. Athanasios Savvakis.

«Greece needs a strong and extrovert agri-food sector. In the last decade our economy has been hit hard, but Greek entrepreneurs have turned to international markets and managed to increase exports of agricultural products by 44.3% . In the new era that opens up beyond us, agrifood will once again be the lead of exports and development» according to the President of SEVE, Mr. George Konstantopoulos.

According to Piraeus Bank’s Commercial and Agricultural Banking Management Advisor, Mr. Christodoulos Antoniadis «there are three important factors that shape the ”environment” of the agri-food sector and that can form the basis for its next step forward. First of all, cooperation, since processing has the information of the market and can guide the producers. Innovation, which is based on the knowledge of the market and follows the demands of consumers and markets, education, the rapid change of technology as well as the use of innovations presupposes the adaption and flexibility of human resources».

For this reason, Piraeus Bank as a centrel pillar of commercial banking activity in Greece and the largest financier of the private sector, having channelled €3 billion into the real economy in new business loans during 2018 «It is fully prepared – within the framework of its strategic planning, as communicated in the Agenda 2020 plan – to play a leading role, targeting the..

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