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Let’s get to know the aromatic and medicinal plants!

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Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a herbaceous, perennial, native and bushy plant of the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Greek Oregano is a perennial and herbaceous plant and its quality is considered the best in the world.

Properties – Uses

Apart from the characteristic aroma and taste that has in the food, it also has many mdecinal properties. It is antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. In the form of decoctions it is used for atony of the intestines , expectorant for coughing, and it also heps in hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Oregano has 12 times more antioxidant activity than orange, 30 from potato and 42 from apple. Another main use of it is against chronic rheumatism. It is also used as condiment mainly in cooking but also more rarely as a decoction, which is referred to as excellent against coughing. The ancient Greeks knew its therapeutic value and used it by drinking its tea in colic and externally in swellings as well as for the stiff neck. It is the main spice of the Mediterranean countries and a key component of Greek and Italian cuisine.

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