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Promising export markets for aromatic plants in Europe

By agrifarm on August 3, 2021 0 Comments

Germany: it is the leader in the aromatic plant market and in the aromatic plant processing industry in Europe. The German market shows great interest in many species of aromatic plants, but quality and reliability plays a major role in all commercial transactions.

France: France’s first place in the production of pharmaceutical products in Europe makes it a very promising market for aromatic plants, especially organic plants. Nevertheless, France’s imports are increasing mainly for already processed products of aromatic plants such as spirits and extracts.

England: has very important imports of aromatic plants. The aromatic plant processing industry is in full development and provides lucrative soil for producers/traders of aromatic plants and processed products. England’s attention is also very much focused on exotic plant species, in addition to the traditional aromatic plants of western medicine.

Netherlands: shows a continuing demand for aromatic plants and retain a dynamic position on the market. Exports to this country are a lucrative solution based on the continuity of the chain from its as it export these items to other markets.

Italy: has a dominant position in the market for aromatic plants, especially in those which grow in the country. Although the strong aromatic plant processing and sales industry guarantees a lucrative future market, imports into Italy are shifting from aromatic plants to processed products.

Spain: the market for aromatic plants is growing, which guarantees the continued demand for aromatic plants. . Nevertheless, it is a difficult market as Spanish producers supply the market themselves, and imports are declining due to the financial crisis.

Belgium: has a major role in the distribution of pharmaceutical products on the global market, as well as aromatic plants, but it is limited to the European market. Its cooperation with the Belgian market can be the way out of the European market.

Poland: has traditionally held a very strong position in the market for aromatic plants and the first place in the market of eastern European countries. Poland has a large production of aromatic plants, but there is the possibility of promoting raw materials in the processing industry in tropical plant species or in more traditional aromatic plants at times of the year when the Polish market lags behind due to climate.

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