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Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a pennial, bushy plant, with numerous braches, up to half a meter high


The plant has a strong aromatic odor with stomach, tonic and cardiotonotic properties, while it is also used against neuralgia. Its leaves have antiseptic, expectorant ans spasmolytic properties. Sage is used in therapeutics in the form of a decoction internally as an antiperspirant (especially in tuberculous and neurasthenes). Sage in the form of a decoction is ideal for the treatment of the mouth in case of injuries, aphtra, pharyngitis and against gingivitis. It reduces intestinal gases, is diuretic and emmenagogue. It is also hemostatic, and local skin anesthetic. It has also antibiotic, antimycotic, antispasmodic and hypoglycemic action. In the ancient world it was used for snake and insect bites, to increase the fertility of women and to drive out evil spirits. In cooking it is used for the aromatization of various broths, foods and vinegar while it is also considered a bee-keeping plant providing honey of fine quality. In the Mediterranean regions it is dried and drunk as a decoction.

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