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The Municipality of Zitsa, in the framework of the project: ”Social Agribusiness and Farmworkers Cooperatives” with the acronym AGRIFARM, organizes Training Seminars on 8,9,10,13 and 14 December 2021 about Aromatic and Medicinal Plants.

Through the presentations, ways of cultivation, financing and promotion of aromatic and medicinal plants selected by the program will be presented, namely oregano, lemon balm, chamomile, sage and mountain tea.

The program of the Seminars:

  • 08 December 2021 Business Planning for Oregano
  • 09 December 2021 Business Planning for Lemon Balm
  • 10 December 2021 Business Planning for Chamomile
  • 13 December 2021 Business Planning for Sage
  • 14 December 2021 Business Planning for Mountain Tea

The seminars are open to all. Upon completion of each Seminar, a certificate of attendance will be given. Starts at: 15:00 & end time: 20:00. For registration: https://forms.gle/taGEFYDACGjzWJLf8

A few words about the project:

The project ”Social Agribusiness and Farmworkers Cooperatives – AGRIFARM”, implemented under the ”Interreg” program Greece-Italy, aims to support, through advisory, education, networking and promotion actions, the creation of new cooperative schemes, which will be active in dynamic agricultural crops, such as aromatic and medicinal plants, both in Greece and Italy. Within the framework of the project, the following are foreseen:

  • Pilot business plans for the creation of cooperatives in the agricultural sector
  • Innovative promotional and marketing plans
  • Detailed manuals with specifications for cultivation, processing, standardization and packaging regarding new cultivations of aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Promoting cooperation between procedures and consumer networks
  • Information, networking, counseling, promotion and education actions
  • Creation of a Greek-Italian Scientific Centre for cooperation in the agricultural sector. Within the framework of the project, this Centre will provide daily support, with specialized scientists, to farmers in the intervention areas.

The partnership of the project consists of the following partners:

  • Minicipality of Zitsa – Lead Partner (Greece)
  • ELGO – DIMITRA (Greece)
  • Municipality of TORRE SANTA SUSANNA (Italy)
  • Confederation of Italian Puglia Farmers – CIA Apulia (Italy)

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