Open call for participation in the online exhibition «AROMA ZITSAS»

From 16 to 18 December 2021 is organized the Online Exhibition for Aromatic & Medicinal Plants of our place entitled “AROMA ZITSAS” in the framework of the project “Social Agribusiness and Farmworkers Cooperatives” with the acronym “AGRIFARM”

The Municipality of Zitsa, as the lead partner of the AGRIFARM project, organizes a three-day Online Exhibition for Aromatic & Medicinal Plants of our place entitled “AROMA ZITSAS”.
Twenty online kiosks are available for free from 16 to 18 December 2021 to local producers to promote their products both in Greece and abroad.

Producers interested in participating can contact with the Organizer (executive of the Contractor STRATIS CONSULTING) Mr. Apostolis Geitonas at 26510 62819 or e-mail:

Along with the exhibition and a series of supportive – informative events will be organized. The program of the exhibition will be announced in detail in the coming days. Those who wish to visit the exhibition should first register on the form below

The e-mail which they will state during their registration will be sent detailed instructions for the process of connecting to the exhibition platform. It is noted that the exhibition platform is completely useful and functional and does not require any special familiarity of visitors with ICT applications.

A few words about the AGRIFARM project

The project “Social Agribusiness and Farmworkers Cooperatives – AGRIFARM” aims to support, through consulting actions, training, networking and promotion actions, the creation of new cooperative schemes, which will be active in dynamic agricultural crops (eg Aromatic and Medicinal Plants) both in Greece and in Italy. In particular, the development of Social Rural Entrepreneurship is sought, in accordance with the framework and conditions in which the Social Economy operates, in order to create new jobs and to create a friendly and favorable environment for the cooperation of those employed in the primary sector, thus facilitating the distribution of Agricultural Products, the exchange of know-how and the joint presence in the field of Branding and Labeling.

In the framework of the project provides:

  • Templates business plans for the creation of cooperative schemes in the agricultural sector
  • Innovative promotional and Marketing plans
  • Detailed manuals with specifications cultivation, processing, standardization and packaging specifications regarding new crops of aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Promoting the cooperation of producers with consumer networks
  • Information actions, networking, consulting, promotion and training activities
  • Creation of a Greek-Italian Scientific Center for cooperation in the agricultural sector. As part of the project, this Center will provide daily support, with specialized scientists, to the farmers of the intervention areas.

The corporate scheme of the project consists of the following bodies:

  • MUNICIPALITY OF ZITSA – Lead Partner (Greece)
  • ELGO – DIMITRA (Greece)
  • Municipality of TORRE SANTA SUSANNA (Italy)
  • Confederation of Italian Farmers of Puglia – CIA Apulia (Italy).

More information about the project can be found on the project website: but also on the Facebook page @AgriFarmInterreg

You can download material for the exhibition by the following links:

Αίτηση για παραγωγούς που θέλουν να συμμετάσχουν στην Διαδικτυακή Έκθεση AROMA ZITSAS EXPO

Επίσημο λογότυπο της Διαδικτυακής Έκθεσης AROMA ZITSAS EXPO

Αφίσα της Εκδήλωσης

Rollup Banner της Εκδήλωσης (στα ελληνικά)

Rollup Banner της Εκδήλωσης (στα αγγλικά)

Ακούστε το ραδιοφωνικό spot για την Διαδικτυακή Έκθεση AROMA ZITSAS EXPO